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Tobacco Control Policy

A comprehensive approach to tobacco control is essential to see real change and reduction in youth access and tobacco use. The retail environment has a significant impact on community health. Tobacco companies spend a large some of money on advertising in at the point of sale, as this is one of the last frontiers for them to promote their products.  One of the ways NJPN helps to reduce youth access to cigarettes, ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) and hookah is by implementing point-of-sale (POS) strategies in establishments that sell these products, particularly within municipalities where retailers are in close proximity to schools. Our staff works on three policy options across the state of New Jersey.


Click HERE to see which towns have already passed an age of sale 21 ordinance!


NJPN with the help of its partners, implements community audits to characterize tobacco advertising and product availability in retail stores, utilizing the Point-of-Sale Strategies Tobacco Control Guide to identify best practice point-of-sale interventions. If you are interested in conducting audits in your town please contact your regional coordinator.



STOMP sticker Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ (TFHNJ) is helping to implement point of sales policies across the state to       help decrease youth access to tobacco products and exposure to tobacco advertising. As a part of this initiative, TFHNJ is supporting merchant education programs. TFHNJ has created a sticker to compliment merchant education through the STOMP Out Youth Tobacco Use program. STOMP stands for Stop Tobacco Offenses Merchant Program. By distributing these stickers to compliant merchants, we hope to spread the word of the age of sale and help merchants show their communities that they care about the youth of the community.


To learn more about Smoke Free Outdoor Recreation Area signage, contact your regional coordinator.

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Jenna Giaquinto & Sarah McCart-Knoll

Co-Central Regional Coordinator 

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Kim Burns

Southern Regional Coordinator 

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