NJ Coalitions Working Smarter

NJ Coalitions Working Smarter is a venue for community and statewide coalitions with multi-sectorial members to come together to connect, communicate, and collaborate on common focus areas.


The Strategic Advisory Groups of the Coalition for a Healthy NJ (CHNJ) found that often community coalitions were challenged because they were duplicating efforts when collecting data for their needs assessments. Additionally, many coalitions were simply unaware of other local coalitions focusing on topics that had multi-sectorial impact. As a result, CHNJ created the New Jersey Coalitions Working Smarter Forum, which purpose is to gather community and statewide coalitions to connect and discuss cross-cutting topic areas with an overall goal to make their efforts more effective and collaborative. The startling lack of interconnections and duplication of efforts became more obvious during these forums and have demonstrated that there is an immediate need for open dialogue between community coalitions.

Our Vision

NJ Coalitions Working Smarter is a forum for those working to make NJ a healthy place to live, learn, work and play.  These forums are a venue for to work better and smarter with each other.  Using the framework of the National Prevention Strategy the forums will foster a communication between coalitions that encourages these groups to connect, collaborate and create healthier NJ communities together rather than in silos.

Introducing the New Jersey Public Health Coalitions Working Smarter Database!

NJPN is excited to introduce the New Jersey Public Health Coalitions Working Smarter Searchable Database!  This statewide database is designed to help coalitions across the state collaborate, maximize their resources, and learn from each other. Visit https://chnj.njpn.org/searchable-database/to access the database and search for coalitions working in your geographic area or with similar focus areas working around the state. And if you’re a coalition member and don’t see your coalition listed, add it to the database so your colleagues across the state are aware of the work you’re doing locally! Visit our website today to start working smarter! This important resource was made possible with funding and support from the New Jersey Health Initiatives, a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Check back here for future opportunities to connect, communicate and collaborate.