Prevention is the key to a healthier tomorrow

Chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems today. In fact, 70% of deaths among Americans each year are from710chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. The good news is that most chronic diseases are preventable. Just $10 per person per year invested in prevention could save billions. The shift in focus away from sickness and disease management and towards a prevention-based society has begun to meet the new needs of our nation.

Prevention encompasses individual empowerment as well as community action. Every level of society can become involved in improving our nation’s health. By directing our efforts on prevention, we can lower the risk of many individuals for developing disease and stop these chronic diseases and other health issues before the problems arise in the first place.

diverse_hands_holding_puzzle_piecesOur Nation’s Strategy

Working together to improve the health and quality of life for individuals, families and communities will create an overall healthier and more productive nation. The National Prevention Strategy addresses all sectors of our society and believes they should put value on health. Health and wellness is a dynamic concept with several components. The National Prevention Strategy recognizes this view and outlines effective approaches that each level of society can apply to their respective community to improve our nation’s health. Click here to learn what each level of society is doing and can do to contribute.