National Prevention Strategy

Opportunities for prevention increase when those working in housing, transportation, education and other sectors incorporate health and wellness into their decision making.

The National Prevention Strategy

The National Prevention Strategy envisions a prevention-oriented society where all sectors recognize the value of the health for individuals, families, and society and work together to achieve better health for all Americans. Health and Wellness is a dynamic concept that includes several components that all contribute to our quality of life. It is the full integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. This strategy identifies four strategic directions that are the foundation for all prevention efforts and form the basis for a prevention-oriented society.  These strategic directions are as follows:

Within the framework of the strategic directions, there are seven priorities that provide evidence-based recommendations that are most likely to reduce the burden of the leading causes of preventable death and major illnesses. They are designed to improve health and wellness for the entire U.S. population, including those groups disproportionately affected by disease and injury. These seven priorities include:

Download the strategy in full: National Prevention Strategy (PDF – 4.66 MB)