Property Managers

Making the Transition to Smoke-Free Housing

Did You Know?

NJ State Law requires that no outdoor secondhand smoke migrate into an indoor public place or workplace such as into an apartment lobby or hallway (NJAC 8:6-2.3). The ban on smoking includes electronic smoking devices (NJSA 26: 3D-57).

What Are Tenants Looking For?


When picking a new apartment, residents look for a lot of different features: location, cost, view, what appliances does it comes with, and so forth and so on. More and more, tenants are also asking if the complex they are moving into is smoke-free? Why? Because smoke-free multi-unit housing sites are healthier for residents than sites that allow smoking. And it’s not just potential tenants who are interested in smoke-free housing; landlords are choosing to make their properties smoke-free as a way to reduce overhead expenses, and reduce risk of fires. Read this article to learn more of the reasons why smoke-free housing is trending.

Benefits for Landlords

Landlords stand to benefit a great deal from making their properties smoke-free. While the health effects of smoking are well known, the expense of allowing smoking should be considered. In fact, when compared to the cost of maintaining a smoke-free unit, turnover costs can two to seven times greater when smoking is allowed. But it’s not just turnover costs. Smoking is the leading cost of residential fires, which means that units that allow smoking are at greater risk for damage. That is one of the reasons that some insurance companies offer discounts on property casualty insurance for multi-unit owners with a 100% smoke-free policy. Lower turnover costs, less chance of property damage and the potential for insurance discounts are just three of the many benefits for landlords who decide to make their properties smoke-free.

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Toolkit for Landlords

To learn more about the benefits of making your building smoke-free as well as any legal concerns you have click here for the New Jersey Prevention Network’s Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Toolkit for Landlords.


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The Smoke-Free Housing Directory is a free service for property managers to list their buildings that are currently smoke-free.

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